Why are we called The Public Square?
The public square is just a convenient – all-encompassing – invention to which we could ascribe all the human and civil ideals, institutions and attitudes – that mediate between common interests and the blindness of self-interest. There, you asked. From ‘fair play’ to keeping illiberality and inequality in check, to empowering self-help; we feel positive media has a vital role to play in this mix, and particularly through the power of storytelling.

Our Vision

We are strongly motivated by the enriching power of creative ideas to engage people, and transform companies and social relationships. 

We have worked with world class organisations – as diverse as the Discovery Channel, Nokia and the Home Office  – and are equally inspired by the creative challenge of engaging with audiences, as we are with finding the right execution, story or insight to make strategic creativity resonant and real, and bespoke.


   Barret Stanboulian, Creative Partner

Barret is the co-founder of The Public Square, a BAFTA winning (and nominated) specialist factual television producer, brand marketer and a digital civil society pioneer – best known examples of his work include: Healthtalking – a crowd-sourcing patient experiences platform, social enterprise WeSayWePay – the UK’s first self-help community organizing crowd-funding platform, and building a 1m+ cross-faith online community around Channel 4’s Kumbh Mela – The Greatest Show on Earth.

Barret studied economics before becoming a marketing head, aged 23, within the Carlton Communications PLC group. After moving into independent production with blue-chip indies, he worked in a variety of development, production, branding and management roles. Later, he was responsible for the creation of several new production and technology businesses, developing a deep understanding of commercial and cultural motivations within broadcasting and marketing services. Since 2002 The Public Square has specialized in bespoke content/ custom media.

                                      Fiona Freed, Commercial Partner

Fiona started her career in Advertising at Ogilvy & Mather, switching to corporate communications, and later, on to documentary filmmaking. She honed her skills in independent production and with the BBC, until she was approached by The Discovery Channel to establish and run a new UK Production arm, where she was responsible for overseeing production finance for all UK original DCI output.

Since co-founding The Public Square, Fee remains an extremely well connected and trusted confidante to some of the UK’s leading creative businesses and Broadcasters, member of the BAFTA winning production team for Bedlam – C4 in 2014. When not working, Fiona is a dedicated mum, talented designer and appreciator of all things aesthetic.

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