Why SME’s and branded content are a great match.

Content Marketing landscape is hard
Sourcing branded content isn't about finding the ‘me too’ solution it’s become. It’s about finding out what you really want to say, and here’s how. Sourcing generally, by definition, has become box tick city. We want a neat administrable solution for this or a promise for that. But when did your organisation last purchase a metre of believability, a gallon of trust, or a standard emotional engagement service contract? That’s exactly what the impact of bespoke cont...
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BAFTA Win for Bedlam … a reflection on mental health visibilty!

Genuine surprise greeted the team at the news that we had won the best factual series award. According to the BAFTA jury, Bedlam won for "taking viewers well beyond TV’s often shallow treatment of mental illness, with honest and genuinely illuminating interviews from its contributors." For all the star-struck fickleness we enjoyed with Hollywood stars (see below) on the night, the BAFTA jury displayed an incredibly enlightened view of the importance of mental health to public debate and public s...
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