Digital & concept lab

Geared around our bespoke credo, this is our agnostic research ‘hub’ – from scamps to end-to-end development – ideas, concepts, formats and product ventures. This spurs our own original production, and helps keep abreast of macro developments across the realms of culture, content, marketing, data and digital.

From this pot of play, rigour and inspiration – we also work ‘for hire’ – on anything from stand-alone concept development, to editorial and content strategies, strategic creative frameworks, or service design, for a variety of ventures and campaigns – some of which we invest in ourselves.

We have worked on a range of applications from e-commerce, crowd-sourcing, TV programmes, data analytics, brand innovation, digital civil society, employee engagement to establishing new TV channels and license bids from scratch.

Here are some case studies.

Case Study: Venture, service design

Challenge/ Opportunity

As social media & self determination is devolving responsibility to individuals, away from institutions – we created WeSayWePay, which is an online funding platform to support and fund community organising by the public – to stimulate action and ideas by individuals, rather than institutions. What JustGiving does for charity donor collection, WeSayWePay aims to do for the traditional community ‘whip round’– for anything that matters to individuals, from a simple PTA activity, to new possibilities like micro-power generation.


We wanted to create a people-powered product that brings together peer to peer support, with crowd-sourced ideas for ‘DIY’ community activities and new social movements. With the aim of making it easy for people to group together, to support, define and activate solutions relevant to their place, identity or interest, and make it happen, using WeSayWePay as a nursery-slope -cum-back-office to make it all happen


A seed funded social venture was created and successfully Beta launched, which became WAYRA (Telefonica) innovation venture finalist from over 1000 start ups. It has created new types of self-organised activities and collaborations, creating, among others, new community ventures, employment opportunities, and sustainable social impact. The social impacts have been codified into a ground-breaking methodology, recently accredited by the GLA’s Project Oracle for standards of evidence for youth projects.

Use case: Venture, editorial and digital strategy


Challenge/ Opportunity

Spring TV wanted to  leverage their closed loop access to government  offices to pilot a new TV channel.


We positioned the proposition as “shop window to civil society” communicating through programming content.  We created the editorial framework & pilot based on sharing stories of success and pathways/ calls to action.


Spring TV was able to harness the connecting emotional engagement of factual based storytelling, linked to a consumer digital marketing framework that provided measurable outcomes to improve take up of services.

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