Branded content


We have been creating bespoke ‘niche’ content and formats – also called contract publishing, or fashionably, “branded content” or “owned” media – across many sectors, as diverse as restorative justice and telecoms – for a decade. 

We create robust editorial strategies, borrowing from broadcast long-form storytelling, and our factual and communications heritageto create custom-made media that also meets specific objectives or strategic marketing goals – using a variety of creative treatments.

The case for brands offering interesting information around niche areas of original (bespoke, authentic) content that are relevant to both potential and existing audiences, is strong. So-called owned media ideas can be relevant, without necessarily being ‘ego-centric’ – serving all parties, to foster deeper and profitable relationships and brand awareness – rather more gently than advertising can.

Here are some case studies.

Case Study: Youth Justice Board of England and Wales

Challenge/ Opportunity

Charged with recruiting Youth Offender Panel volunteers, the Home Office campaign wanted to reflect the benefits of restorative justice -an alternative to custodial sentences – for young people, as a key element to the satisfaction offered to prospective YOP volunteers.


Using a combination of drama, including a staged trial, and real-life experiences we created an engaging film and campaign site. It was repurposed to continue its use after the campaign, as recruitment and training assets, also replicated for welsh language use.


The campaign yielded 5000 new volunteers in six weeks, exceeding any expectations held by the Youth Justice Board and provided a significant (and continuing) return-on-investment on their owned media.

Case Study: Surface Tiles and Taylor Howes Design

Challenge/ Opportunity

As an industry leader, Surface Tiles were keen build relationships with interior designers through series of breakfast briefings limited by space. For an SME, we also had to develop an appropriate package and approach, that had to make the new use of film as frictionless as possible.


We developed an ’emerging trends’ – content marketing – concept, adopting a thought-leadership approach relevant to an industry-leader. By creating a content format that provided a snapshot into new ideas, it established both the benefits of sharing expertise with prospective clients, and added huge value by updating busy interior designers. 


The investment into the ‘physical’ briefing, provided a ‘virtual’ return of about 30x – several thousand online views – thus, extending its ‘shelf-life’ and expanding beyond the physical limits of the briefing. The association with emerging trends continue to enhance awareness of the brand, into new business leads, as the series continues.