We work with larger leading independent producers and international broadcasters, utilising our specific production expertise in formats, multi-platform, localisation and co-production.

As well as an editorial point of view, we provide a robust out-source production back-office. As the market for ideas boom for creative businesses, we offer a nimble commercial understanding to support increasingly multi-party deals, while maintaining exemplary production values, funder relations, talent management, quality control and risk mitigation. 

We proudly boast a world-wide network of first class partners and consultants to handle any challenge, platform, or medium. We also offer a regional base outside of the M25, as well as from our London office.

We have variously; created and advised on new media arms, been retained as format creators, delivered hundreds of hours of programming to multi-channel TV networks, loaned out personnel to fill senior management roles, and provided UK infrastructure to US Indies….try us out with your challenge (read latest project testimonial).

Here’s a couple of case studies, but do ask if you want others.

Case Study: Large Independent

Challenge/ Opportunity

Building on Channel 4’s remit for enlightened risk-taking, the access granted to the Maudsley Hospital by The Garden Productions provided a unique but highly risky opportunity to tackle mental health at prime-time.


Charged with handling such particular sensibilities, winning trust was necessary to develop personal stories as they were unfolding. This necessitated a skillful handling of capacity and compliance issues, finance, production support and groundbreaking ‘after-care’ for contributors, and ensuring shooting could be stretched over an unusually long lead-time.


With insightful business cases made to support editorial interventions “Bedlam” achieved huge critical praise, echoed by the public on Twitter, and included a rare Daily Mail plaudit of “Best Series for Sensitivity: Channel 4’s compelling Bedlam…” – rating well over the slot. “Bedlam” won the BAFTA best factual series award.

Case Study: Broadcaster

Challenge/ Opportunity
With a network of specialist factual channels, the Discovery Channel sought to ensure that acquisitions could co-exist with the pot for original commissions, and marry with the tone of each channel seamlessly. 

We devised a re-versioning strategy to produce programming to meet local market sensibilities for programme acquisitions, critical to UK audiences, through two routes. We first ensured that given a 350 hour+ output deal, we would achieve excellent economies, and, critically, by benchmarking content classes. The strategy also allowed for additional investment (exceeding benchmarks), which could be made available for additional resources ‘on screen’ if required, albeit at a possibility of a lower margin. Removing the resource constraint, in turn allowed us to produce to a very high standard.

Our strategy identified and invested in new talent and sufficient ‘first view’ polish – the infamous Dave Lamb among them (!) – to help attract larger audiences (even resulting in a second series commission from an acquisitionunusually). While at the same time, we achieved savings that resulted in an additional £400,000 being made available for original commissions.