Indie back office “as-a-service”

Alongside our own creative output, we’ve pioneered a new approach to offering our production business back-office expertise, “as-a-service.”

That means we offer all the support and infrastructure – business, operational and production – that a creative business will ever need without having to stump up the considerable investment to do so. Helping to focus on creativity, without losing control, equity, ceding rights or visibility of the business side.

From go-it-alone creative whizzes or start-ups, to providing extra capacity to larger, established indies – you only pay for what you use.

All/ any of the ‘necessary’ back office includes:

  • Production budgeting and negotiation, business and commercial affairs
  • Development, formats, distribution, compliance and talent management
  • Programme services, PR and social media
  • HR, payroll, accounting, office space,
  • Strategy, planning and due diligence